3 Reasons to Hire a Car Park Sweeping Service

1 July 2021
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If you're looking for ways to keep your car park clean, then you can hire a sweeping service. There are some advantages to outsourcing this job so that it is done regularly. What are they? 1. Keep Your Car Park Clean and Safe Car park surfaces get dirty easily. Cars drive on them all the time; people also walk through them. This can be a particular problem if you have an enclosed or underground car park that might not have enough of a draft to blow loose dust and dirt out of the area. Read More …

Two Common Mistakes Office Owners Make When They Hire Cleaners

12 May 2021
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Here are the mistakes that some office owners may make when they hire cleaners They don't give their cleaners enough notice when their office hosts special events Some office owners make the error of not giving their office cleaning teams enough notice of their plans to host events on their premises. For example, they may only let their cleaners know about their upcoming office Christmas party a day before it's going to take place or forget to tell them about their 'bring your pets to work' event until the day that it's happening. Read More …

Two misconceptions about the cleaning up of deceased estates

31 March 2021
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Here are some misconceptions about the cleanups of deceased estates. People cannot use professional cleaners if the deceased's estate contains confidential or personal items Many people think that a person can't ask professional cleaners to carry out the cleanup of a deceased estate if that estate features lots of confidential or personal items. For example, if the person who passed away kept personal journals or had a career that required them to handle other people's confidential information (for instance, if they were a psychologist), then their relatives might fear that any cleaners they employ to clean up that individuals estate might inadvertently see some information that they should not. Read More …

How Mould Remediation Can Help You Sell a Property

17 March 2021
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Moving to a new job in a new town often means putting your house on the market. However, you have to remember that homebuyers often hire inspection services to evaluate prospective homes before purchase. Therefore, a homeowner must ensure that their property is in good condition before putting it up for sale. For example, if you suspect mould in your property, it is a good idea to hire remediation services. This article highlights ways that mould remediation can help you sell a property. Read More …

Three Important Times When You Will Need Some Extra Help Cleaning Up

26 February 2021
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Cleaning is one of those tasks that not many people really enjoy, and often, it is put off until the last minute. While that works out fine in most cases, sometimes you will need that extra bit of help to make your home or business as spotless as possible. In these times, hiring a cleaning company to help you get fully prepared is the most ideal way to get ready. Before you try to do all the hard work yourself, here are three occasions when you really should be calling for backup to tackle what can be a monster task. Read More …

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